How Box Platform is Creating Digital Experiences for Insurance Customers

Thursday, April 26, 2018 | 10:00 AM PT; 1:00 PM ET

Is your organization undergoing a digital transformation?
Insurance companies are finding themselves in the crosshairs of digitization as customer expectation continues to rise year after year. With newcomers leveraging best-in-breed cloud services to get ahead of the game, industry incumbents are realizing that they too need to do the same in order to ensure that they too can create unique experiences that differentiate them from your competitors. Since content plays a heavy role in every insurance process, Box is a natural fit to help these businesses reach those goals.

Join this webinar to learn how Box Platform is playing a critical role in enabling digital transformation across insurance. In this webinar, we'll discuss:
• Major trends that the insurance industry is facing today and what is creating the need for digital transformation.
• Features and capabilities of Box Platform that enable you to build new digital experiences.
• Use cases for Box Platform and how it can create a better experience for claim adjusters, claims officers, customers, and external parties.
• How Box Platform can work with existing applications that your business may already be using today, to create efficient and streamlined processes.

Whether your primary interest is to create new and innovative experiences for your customers or simply reduce costs in your existing insurance process, this session will give you a different perspective on how you can get there.

About Box Platform
Box Platform is a cloud content management platform that enables businesses of all sizes to build digital experiences with content for employees, partners, and customers. You can learn more at

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