Virtually Delivered High Performance 3D Graphics

"A picture is worth a thousand words." That old phrase is as true today as it ever was. Pictures (i.e., those with heavy graphical content) are still too large to easily transfer using the Internet or company wide area networks (WANs). Historically, high-powered desktop computers with dedicated 3D graphics hardware were required to support data creation and modification. In addition, the 3D data needed to be on the local area network (LAN), since opening the large files from remote servers was too time-consuming. In some companies, even the typical LAN (1Gb Ethernet) is too slow for the multi-gigabyte data sets that are becoming common.

In this paper, CIMdata reviews business issues associated with graphicsintensive data and 3D applications that can now be addressed by remote 3D graphics technology. This paper also includes an overview of virtualization--a key technology that facilitates flexible cost-effective implementation of a 3D visualization strategy.

Sponsor: Citrix | IBM