Isn't it time to take a fresh look to Wi-Fi scalability?

It isn't news that wireless networks are being pushed to the limits every day and IT organizations are under duress to deliver a reliable wireless network to meet the demands of users. Networks should be adaptable to scale easily as the demand grows. However the universal approach to scaling a Wi-Fi network is simply to throw in more APs. Even when the requirements are very different, for example an office vs. a classroom vs. an auditorium, we continue to use the same APs, just more of them. Is this the ideal way to build a Wi-Fi network? Can a one size fits all approach truly solve the dynamic and varied requirements of your Wi-Fi network?

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- How a truly scalable infrastructure is critical for the success of your mobility endeavors
- How traditional approaches to scalability are falling short
- Key considerations to ensure a scalable network design
- Example deployments that solve the scalability challenge

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