Checklist for Enterprise-Readiness--Why CrashPlan Ranks #1 for Enterprise Endpoint Backup

It's no secret IT organizations have a large number of applications available to them, but how do they determine which are worthy of their implementation? Cloud app analytics and policy company, Netskope, outlined criteria for enterprise-ready applications in its recent Cloud ReportTM.

Netskope's Cloud Report rankings are based on the Netskope Cloud Confidence IndexTM, a database of 2,600 cloud apps in which each app is assigned a score of 0-100 based on its enterprise-readiness.

The result? Code42's enterprise endpoint backup solution, CrashPlan, took the #1 spot for cloud backup providers and #3 overall out of 2,600 cloud applications. Read on for a list of Netskope's key criteria that led to CrashPlan's top placement.

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