7 Steps to Business Success on the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to do nothing short of revolutionize the way the world does business. The ability to sense and control the physical world through sensor-enabled devices can unlock massive, previously unseen opportunities to expand revenue, optimize operations and delight customers and users. By integrating normally hidden bits of information with business systems, organizations can gain valuable insights that fuel growth and drive intelligent, automated action that transforms businesses (and lives). That's why, according to research, 76% of businesses plan to use the IoT for internal process optimization and 74% will use it externally to run a connected product or service.

In this white paper you will learn:

- What the Internet of Things is and how your business can take advantage of this new revolution
- How to apply IoT technology to a real business case
- A practical process for building an end-to-end connected solutions
- Key design decisions that you will need to make along the way and how they impact your end result
- How Xively by LogMeIn can help accelerate the overall process

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