Big Data and Analytics will transform your business - what you don't know will hurt you!

Feedback from over 23,000 actual Oracle big data and analytics (BDA) customers was analyzed by Solitaire Interglobal Ltd (SIL) and their findings are presented in this compelling webcast. Information from successful - and less than successful - BDA deployments illustrate how this technology improves business agility, increases revenue and improves customer loyalty. Kat Lind from Solitaire discusses the real-world impact on businesses and best practices for deploying BDA solutions using Oracle on a variety of platforms. Small through very large organizations will benefit from this informed analysis of cost, IT risk, business agility and customer satisfaction considerations in the rapidly growing area of big data and analytics.


Chuck Calio
Technical Leader
IBM STG ISV Enablement

Kat Lind
Chief Systems Engineer
Solitare Interglobal Ltd.

Sponsor: IBM