CDW Software Asset Management

SAM is a process, not a one off project. Chances are you've either been audited, or you will be soon. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all US business entities will be audited within the next 12 months.

What do you do when you're being audited, and how can you ensure your business is in the strongest possible position when it happens? Listen to this important eSeminar to hear experts from Snow Software and CDW who will discuss the strategies and tactics you should be taking now to ready for the software audit you're more than likely going to undergo soon.

Learn more about:
- Which software is most likely to be problematic
- How to keep close tabs on software installs, adds, deletions and changes
- What tools will ease the Software Asset Management (SAM) burden
- What to do today to prepare for an audit in the future

Sponsor: CDW