Backup Over 2TB: Best Practices for Cloud Backup and DR with Large Data Sets

Most cloud backup doesn't work for data sets above 2TB. A widely held perception is that slow data transfer performance causes nightly backups to take over 24 hours and makes timely DR impossible.

Unacceptably slow cloud backup performance can be a major issue for companies with large and growing data sets. Continuing to support tape backup is too risky, local disk is very expensive, and consumer-grade cloud backup & DR solutions don't deliver the performance required to protect data sets up to 100TB.

To accomplish this you need an enterprise-grade cloud backup & DR solution like what provides. It enables companies to backup large data sets and backup & recover up to 5TB in 24 hours directly to/from the cloud. This means that companies with an average daily change rate of 2% can successfully deploy cloud backup for data sets up to 250 TB. Download this whitepaper to learn more!

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