InfoWorld Exclusive: Mobile Device Management Deep Dive

If 2010 was the year that the bring-your-own device (BYOD) phenomenon became legitimate, 2011 was the year that mobile device management (MDM) tools were accepted as a way to allow safe BYOD. It's no surprise that dozens of vendors now offer MDM tools. The question is not whether your business should say yes to smartphones but what value it seeks from their broad use. Learn more about ever- changing mobile device landscape in this InfoWorld Deep Dive.

What's Inside?

-Mobile management's landscape 2
-The new app management tools 6
-Buckle up-here comes the hard part of mobile 10
-Don't do overdo mobile management 13

-Mobile security: iOS vs Android vs BlackBerry vs Windows Phone 16
-Mobile management, OS by OS 20
-Say yes to (almost) any device 24

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