Hire and Retain Exceptional Employees by Leveraging Workforce Data with Assess Systems

Organizations are increasingly concerned with the impact of hiring the wrong employee. Too often, time, money and effort are expended only to have that person quit in three months. Human Resources (HR) departments need to fill open headcount quickly and efficiently - and not with just any employee, but the right employee.

Assess Systems provides state-of-the-art talent selection and people development assessment solutions to clients worldwide. Using IBM Business Analytics technology for over 20 years, Assess has created solutions that predict the success of future candidates by leveraging internal and external data sources - resumes, behavioral characteristics, salaries/wages by job title, and compensation packages. While each category independently may not provide the answer to 'who is the best candidate to hire?', the value lies in the complex patterns, relationships, and projections of the data sources to prioritize HR resources on ideal applicants.

Watch this webinar to learn how IBM Business Analytics technology can help you:
* Discover how existing data can reveal insights and solutions for utilizing business resources more efficiently
* Empower hiring managers to more efficiently and accurately identify ideal candidates and top talent
* Learn how to uncover and understand existing data that characterizes the make-up of your best employees


Shawn Parks, Market Manager, IBM
Renae Slaughter, Manager, Talent Solutions, Assess Systems


Beth Narrish, Market Segment Manager, Business Analytics for Marketing and Operations, IBM

Sponsor: IBM