Malware Detection Comes of Age

Ok, the idea of detection is nothing new, but where and when it happens is changing. Anti-virus, firewalls and IPS/IDS products have been adopted to protect networks and endpoints for over a decade. Each of these tool sets takes a reactive approach to detection based on point-in-time scans and rear-view mirror network alerts. As a result, advanced malware and zero-day exploits are enjoying the wild ride all the way to the endpoint.

Join Wendy Nather, Research Director of the Enterprise Security Practice at 451 Research, and Dan Brown, Director of Research at Bit9, to get the latest G2 on advanced threat detection technology, and how network and endpoint solutions are getting in front of threats to deliver frictionless detection solutions without interrupting the business. Wendy and Dan will address:

- The morphing malware threat
- What makes next-generation detection different
- How it works

Sponsor: Bit9, Inc