Advanced Threat Landscape: What Organizations Need to Know

In the wake of the numerous server data breaches reported this year, it is clear that traditional signature-based blacklisting security strategies are inadequate in addressing today's sophisticated cyber threats. Advanced threats are targeting servers to steal valuable corporate intellectual property. These attacks happen fast - in less than 15-20 minutes - and are bypassing traditional security tools.

In this whitepaper, Industry Analyst Frost and Sullivan examines today's advanced threat landscape and recommends that organizations adopt a new approach to server security that is based on trust.

In this whitepaper you will learn:
- How cybercriminals are infiltrating corporate servers and the types of data they are looking to steal
- Why domain controllers are the keys to the kingdom for cybercriminals and how to protect them
- How to better secure virtualized and BYOD environments
- Why traditional security solutions are inadequate in protecting you from today's advanced threats
- How trust based security solutions can better ensure the security of your servers by allowing trusted software to run and nothing else

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