Dispelling the Top 3 Myths for Utilizing Business Analytics to Improve Organizational Processes

Many organizations are focusing on their Operations to reduce costs. Operations aligns processes, an organization's lifeblood, to ensure customer expectations are met. In order to excel in Operations, organizations must go beyond what they have been doing with traditional process improvement - and create and sustain smarter processes.

According to analyst James Taylor, processes must be "effective not just efficient, repeatable yet targeted, and driven not by guesswork or the know-how of retiring experts but by data." These data-driven decisions are powered by business analytics, enabling organizations to:
- Plan for operational success
- Manage day-to-day operations
- Maximize operational performance

While embracing change is not always easy, it is absolutely achievable. Learn from James Taylor of Decision Management Systems and Anuj Marfatia of IBM as they dispel the top 3 myths for utilizing business analytics to improve business processes and see how your organization can:
- Increase process efficiency
- Boost your bottom line
- Establish a competitive advantage

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