Straight Talk About Disk Backup with Deduplication

Are you dealing with backup problems such as spending hours every week fixing failed backup jobs, or having issues running your weekly backup within your backup window? Are you considering disk backup a to help relieve your backup challenges? Depending on the architecture you choose, moving to disk backup could either improve your backups or be faced with 10 potential pitfalls, the consequences of which you could be stuck with for years.

The webinar will include a review of the most prevalent disk backup architectures available today and how to avoid the most common mistakes IT pros make when moving to disk backup with deduplication.

Join Marc Crespi, VP of Product Management for ExaGrid Systems and David Weisz, Sr. Network Engineer for Hitachi Consulting as they review:
- Key technical attributes to assess when considering disk backup with deduplication
- Questions you should ask to avoid mistakes and solve backup problems permanently
- A case example highlighting Hitachi Consulting's backup challenges, and the how they were able to significantly improve backup and recovery performance while saving $$

Speakers: Marc Crespi, VP of Product Management, ExaGrid systems, David Weisz, Senior Network Engineer, Hitachi Consulting

Sponsor: ExaGrid