Mobilize SharePoint Securely: Top 5 Enterprise Requirements

To stay productive, mobile workers want access to the same data they have in the office-including data stored in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems such as Microsoft® SharePoint.

When users discover that SharePoint data can't be accessed easily on tablets and smartphones, they often work around corporate IT departments (and corporate IT security policies), and upload files to a variety of public cloud file sharing services.

But these file-sharing services represent a significant security risk to enterprises. They can't be centrally controlled or monitored, and they've suffered too many security breaches. Enterprise IT departments need to step in, take charge, and provide secure mobile access to SharePoint.

Read this whitepaper to learn:

- The changing IT landscape and the challenges mobile devices are creating for enterprises
- How ad hoc file sharing and syncing affects content sources and security in enterprises
- The five key requirements to provide secure mobile access to SharePoint

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