Securing Edge Data at the Center

Even as enterprises focus relentlessly on consolidation of data centers, they continue to aggressively expand the roles and numbers of branch offices, often located in remote locations that are difficult to support and protect. That poses the issue of how to protect data on the edge of the network, which may be subject to a variety of risks. Data centers are built to secure systems and data, and to help ensure business continuity and recovery after interruptions and disasters. Remote offices, on the other hand, generally lack the protections and defenses typically employed by data centers to keep out the unwanted and those who intend to steal or otherwise harm an organization's data. It's now possible to extend the virtual edge of the data center to the branch office, enabling complete consolidation of edge servers and data. Enterprises can improve data security, while still providing remote users with LAN performance at the edge of the network via the WAN.

Sponsor: Riverbed Technology