Are your PCs and Laptops Recovery and Discovery Ready?

Find out why corporations are quickly adopting a centralized PC Backup and Protection strategy to mitigate their risks from data loss. And learn how customers gain visibility and accessibility to critical data across the network in order to meet legal and regulatory mandates and be prepared for eDiscovery requirements.

Please join IDC Program Vice President Laura DuBois who with Iron Mountain's Senior Product Marketing Manager, Jackie Su, will examine the critical reasons why corporate PC data loss should be taken quite seriously, particularly as it relates to the recovery and discovery of critical "need-to-have" business information.

During this session, you will learn:

* The top motivations for backing up distributed PC data and the key factors contributing to data loss
* The costs and risks associated with end point data that is not recovery and discovery ready
* The steps you can take to create a simplified, rapid recovery solution to assure business continuity
* Successful methods employed by Iron Mountain customers to achieve visibility, accessibility, and control over enterprise PCs before data loss happens.

Sponsor: Iron Mountain