2017 State Of The Cloud: Cloud Is Now The Engine Powering Enterprise Digital Transformation

Watch this On Demand webinar to see SADA Systems and a guest speaker from Forrester Research discuss the state of the cloud - the engine powering enterprise digital transformation. Forrester presents on how IT leaders can transform their business to be aligned with strategic goals and drive innovation.

This On Demand Webinar will outline the the Five Major Trends Driving Cloud in 2017:

- Follow the Apps - Everything About Apps is Changing At Once
- Beyond Lift and Shift - infrastructure follows application architecture
- Containers Everywhere Shake Up Platform Foundations
- Serving Two Masters: Cloud Native AND Digital Transformers
- Analytics Rules All: There's Gold in Your Data

Learn how to leveraging cloud apps and infrastructure platforms for your business and how to
engage with a technology partner to help you deliver, operate, secure, and control your cloud spend.

Then hear from Pete Hunt, the co-founder and CEO of Smyte. Before Smyte, Pete was an engineering manager at Instagram and one of the original members of the React.js team at Facebook. Pete will discuss what it was like moving Smyte to the cloud and how the move has been strategic for their business.

Watch the webinar to learn more!

Sponsor: SADA Systems